Cairene L.A City Guide


I am one lucky girl to be living in this beautiful city, and I wake up every morning counting my blessings.

Below are my ultimate favorite places & spots in LA:

1. Shopping:

*Third Street Promenade: There is this beautiful happy feeling that I get whenever I am shopping at this street. Yes, it might get crowded and busy as hell, but the fact that I can shop in an open area, and literally just be steps away from the beach makes me forget about it. 

*Kaitlyn: My favorite little secret store in Westwood. They have the latest fashion trends and always update their selection on a weekly basis. I love shopping there because I know that I am picking unique clothing pieces. 

*Melrose: oh my!! Melrose is the place to go to if you are looking for vintage pieces that no one else is rocking. Just walking down the street literally makes me happy, plus it wouldn’t hurt passing by all these tattoo parlors. 

2. Tattoo parlor: I got 5 of my tattoos done here in LA in three different tattoo parlors, but I must say the one that I felt did a great job and made me feel completely comfortable has to be “Through Your Skin” located on Melrose.

3. Waxing Center: “European Wax Center” is my go to spot when it comes to waxing. Finding a great waxer who can understand what you really want and yet not mess with the shape of your eyebrows is like a miracle here. I am used to threading and I hate using wax, but at the European Wax Center they use this certain wax that doesn’t hurt as much as the other ones. They have several branches around LA, but if you happen to be in Westwood, make sure to ask for Jennifer, she is awesome at what she does and super friendly. 

4. Home away from Home: Yes I don’t smoke hookah, but the memories and friendships made at “Habibi cafe” makes this place one of my favorite chill spots. Whenever I am bored or craving some Egyptian food, Habibi cafe in Westwood is the place to be. 

5. Nightlife: When you think of nightlife in LA, you automatically think of Hollywood. There are a lot of nightclubs to mention, but the ones on my top list are: Playhouse (Go on Thursdays if you are missing some hip-hop music), Create (The top club right now, owned and operated by SBE & Insomniac), & Avalon (This place is the place to be when you feel that you want to get your rave on). 

6. Dining: 

*Bossa Nova: I can keep talking about this place for hours!!! It has the most delicious Brazilian food and their sangrias are to die for. Make sure if you go there to try their beef stroganoff, trust me you won’t regret it. 

*Moonshadows: I can never get bored of this place. Who wouldn’t want to have mouth watering seafood and cocktails right by the ocean in Malibu? Enough said. 

7. Bars & Chilling:

*The Bungalow: This place is so dreamy and has this romantic feeling to it, located just right outside Fairmont Miramar in Santa Monica. Piece of advice: make sure you go there early any day of the week, because it’s always packed.

*The Standard Downtown: There is nothing much to say about this place because it’s beautiful on it’s own except that it’s in downtown, on a rooftop, and you get to see LA’s city lights. 

*The W Hollywood: Bored on a Sunday and have nothing to do? Make sure to stop by The W and enjoy Sunday’s jazz nights.