The date was 03-01-2014, and I have never been that excited for anything in such a long time. It was the date that I would finally get to see my idol and my favorite DJ, it was the day that I get to see Morgan Page in action. For years I have been dreaming of seeing him live, having all of his tracks on repeat and knowing all of the lyrics by heart. Morgan surprised us LA fans with a weekend takeover in no other than one of the best Hollywood clubs “Avalon”. Both nights were sold out and I was lucky enough to score a ticket. The day has finally arrived and I had everything planned, from the perfect outfit, to how I am going to be standing a few steps away from the legend himself and I kid you not that I haven’t been that excited for a night in so many years. We arrived early at the venue and managed to stand right in front of the DJ booth. After an hour, the man himself was about to grace the stage, and when he did I couldn’t help myself but to cry, it was tears of joy, excitement and pure happiness. For the next few hours it was as if there was no one in the sold out venue but HIM. I would like to thank him for delivering the BEST night in my life and for all the beautiful memories that I will cherish forever, and for the fact that whatever happens in Avalon, stays in Avalon.


Morgan Page’s Number One Fan


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